Most frequent questions and answers

Please send us an email explaining about your photography needs. We will get back to you with a quote through PayPal. We start working on projects after we receive payment and the product.

Please ship your product to our office located at:


Trustela LLC

1168 Premier Key Dr,
Cary, NC 27513

Your Product:  Please send us your product so we can take photos of it. In case you need your product back, please send us return shipping labels also.

Product Features To Highlight: Please tell us the product features you would like us to highlight so we take specific product shot angles to meet your expectations.

Image Requirements: It will really help us in meeting your expectations and making you feel satisfied with our work if you can write down a few lines on what you are looking for in each of the images. For example if its a product dimensions image then please write down the product dimensions. For Infographic images, please tell us the information about the material or the feature of the product etc.

Competitor Listings:  Please send us your competitors listings so we can make sure your images look better than your competitors.

We usually complete projects in about five business days. The time taken complete each project can vary depending upon the work involved.

We allow up to 2 revisions. Once we complete the project based on your requirements, we send the images to you for review. If updates and changes are required. You can write all the changes and modifications required in all the images in a document and send that document to us. This is considered one revision. We allow two such revisions.

We buy stock images from sites like Shutterstock that are available for commercial use. For Standard and Professional packages, we will show you up to 3 stock images to choose from. We will use the images of your choice and edit them to add your product to them to create lifestyle images.

We are very prompt in replying to our customers. To have a better communication experience during revisions, we would appreciate if you can write down all the revisions for all the images in a document and pass those along to us so there is no time wasted in back and forth for every little change. This allows us to finish the job to your satisfaction.

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